Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i have been seriously considering making the jump to tumblr for a while now... and i think it's about to happen. i've been toe-ing the line for a while posting reblogs to my tumblr and writing here, but fuck it. to my 1.5 fans and my mom, please update your google readers:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

“Make as much racket as you like people. Noise is life and an excess of noise is a sign that life is good. There will be time for us all to be quiet when we are safely dead.”

― Salman Rushdie, The Enchantress of Florence

Monday, June 18, 2012

"Oh, if life were made of moments,

Even now and then a bad one--!
But if life were only moments,
Then you'd never know you had one." -the Baker's Wife, Into the Woods

The laziest date...

The laziest date a guy can ask a girl to go on goes something like this:

At some point in time, guy mentions movie he liked as a kid and girl says she's never seen it. Guy freaks out and is like "What??? Are you kidding? You have to see it!" Then a couple days later he texts her being like "So do you want to come over and watch [x-movie]?" And then you get there and guy has made zero effort to clean up his place or buy anything to drink. He shoves his roommate's sweatshirts on the ground and offers you a seat on the couch. He spends the first half of the movie explaining to you why it's great and the second half trying to touch your boobs.

I'm not saying every date has to be a fucking hot air balloon ride. I love movies. I love sharing things that have made you the person that you are with someone new.  I love the awkward moment where you go from not touching each other to touching each other and then by the credits, you find that you are wrapped in each other. I think this is a totally amazing hang-out if you are a) hook-up buddies, b) in a relationship, c) 16 or d) friends who are trying to figure out if you like each other as more than friends. But if you are a single guy over the age of 23 who actually really likes a girl, it is shocking to me that you think this is going to lead to her being interested in you. It's not about money or fancy restaurants or buying roses-- spending money and showing effort are so different. But the audacity of being like, "Let's watch a movie you haven't been interested in seeing up to this point because I want to explain to you why my taste should be your taste," is kind of a bullshit way of getting people to like you.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A bunch of movies I've never seen that 3 dudes just got mad at me for never having seen

-any of the Terminators
-any of the Alien series
-Empire Strikes Back
-Return of the Jedi
-any of the Indiana Jones movies before that shitty one with the aliens
-Godfather Part II
-Blade Runner
-anything made by Hitchcock
-The Deer Hunter
-Raging Bull

Also, this came from me asking if I should see Prometheus if I haven't seen Aliens.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last Anagrams show tonight!

This class has been such a lovely and wonderful experience and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. I get frustrated with UCB sometimes and myself doing improv often, but it's stuff like this class that makes it worthwhile.

Some of my favorite moments (re-blogged from Tumblr):
  • When Peter and Rudy kissed
  • When Mariola and Ali kissed
  • When Anthony and Peter kissed to make up for the fact that they hadn't kissed on stage the night before
  • When Jon broke the window
  • The weed/boob pot shop where being kidnapped just means hanging out
  • Mr. Richman, the rich man who set up his own version of NASA to compete with real NASA and then hired a real NASA scientist to make polymers for his space house
  • "Here we are in college... where everybody meets."
  • Brian's portrayal of Garyman and how easily he and Ali were fooled by Anthony's pranks
  • Our class mascot Ramona
  • Glenn's "What do you want on the grill?" guy
  • When Mike's character, fresh from starring in Broadway, was asked to sing at his best friend's funeral and sang "Mr. Cellophane"
  • impromptu Disney/white rap hotspot
  • Andie McDowell porn-names
  • "I just watched 3 women strapped to hospital beds fight to get a knife out of 1 woman's vagina using only their legs after murdering Janeane Garofalo and that was only the third weirdest thing in that scene."
  • "Rudy, you're at 25. Jon, you're still at 1." - on attempting to share personal information in the scene
  • "How do you want to pay for that?" "By check."
  • Erik Tanouye, who has been wonderfully supportive and inventive, and when faced with a broken window, asked Jon if he was okay and then told him to finish the scene
  • the marvelous group of people who I hope I will continue to see and perform with again soon!!! what an amazing experience!
Guys, this is the most like high school theater I've felt in a while...