Thursday, June 14, 2012

A bunch of movies I've never seen that 3 dudes just got mad at me for never having seen

-any of the Terminators
-any of the Alien series
-Empire Strikes Back
-Return of the Jedi
-any of the Indiana Jones movies before that shitty one with the aliens
-Godfather Part II
-Blade Runner
-anything made by Hitchcock
-The Deer Hunter
-Raging Bull

Also, this came from me asking if I should see Prometheus if I haven't seen Aliens.


Ryder said...

You haven't see any of those movies!?!?!

Ryder said...


smo said...

None of those are worth seeing except some Hitchcock movies... try Vertigo and Rear Window, and see if you like those. Want to come over and watch them on my couch so I can explain why my taste should be your taste?